I spent the day getting a #digitalocean droplet running for a self-hosted @cloudlog Most time spent configuring virtual hosts in apache. Looking forward to seeing how the #cloudlog platform works. Next up is the import of my modest log file of ~1200 #morsecode contacts, and a hand full of other modes.

For an RSS reader with (Apple) device syncing, the Reeder app has been flawless. I’ve been through Feedly, Feedbin, feedwrangler, MiniFlux self-hosted, Fever API, Newsblur, and I don’t know how many other bits and pieces. This one is working great for me.



I don’t get how people use #Discord. Too many channels on each server. It’s kind of a mess really. I’m only following 3 servers (I think that’s they call ’em), but each server has about 20-30 “channels”, which are basically individual feeds. That’s 100 feeds to keep up with!

This website is now a Fediverse citizen by Sebastian GregerSebastian Greger (sebastiangreger.net)
While Mastodon promises to solve some of the problems of centralized social networking – and may inevitably create new ones in the process – the sudden popularity of the ActivityPub protocol led me to reflect about how I want to partake in that. I ended up connecting this blog to the Fediverse a...

Such a great clean design. I’m going to take some inspiration from this. And thanks for posting the ActivityPub links.

#FeedReaderFriday: A Suggestion for Changing our Social Media Patterns by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)
In the recent Twitter Migration, in addition to trying out Mastodon, I’ve been seeing some people go back to blogs or platforms like Micro.blog, WordPress, Tumblr, WriteFreely (like Mastodon it’s a part of the Fediverse, but built for blogging instead of short posts) and variety of others. They?...

#FeedReaderFriday  Love this idea.