I spent the day getting a #digitalocean droplet running for a self-hosted @cloudlog Most time spent configuring virtual hosts in apache. Looking forward to seeing how the #cloudlog platform works. Next up is the import of my modest log file of ~1200 #morsecode contacts, and a hand full of other modes.

For an RSS reader with (Apple) device syncing, the Reeder app has been flawless. I’ve been through Feedly, Feedbin, feedwrangler, MiniFlux self-hosted, Fever API, Newsblur, and I don’t know how many other bits and pieces. This one is working great for me.



I don’t get how people use #Discord. Too many channels on each server. It’s kind of a mess really. I’m only following 3 servers (I think that’s they call ’em), but each server has about 20-30 “channels”, which are basically individual feeds. That’s 100 feeds to keep up with!

This website is now a Fediverse citizen by Sebastian GregerSebastian Greger (sebastiangreger.net)
While Mastodon promises to solve some of the problems of centralized social networking – and may inevitably create new ones in the process – the sudden popularity of the ActivityPub protocol led me to reflect about how I want to partake in that. I ended up connecting this blog to the Fediverse a...

Such a great clean design. I’m going to take some inspiration from this. And thanks for posting the ActivityPub links.